Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Saxe Evening Open House Week

Saxe Evening Open House Week - October 2-5
Please join us for Open House at Saxe Middle School!
Grade 5     Monday                October 2
Grade 6     Tuesday                October 3
Grade 7     Wednesday           October 4
Grade 8     Thursday               October 5
For Grade 5, your child will bring home a personalized schedule for you to follow as the date nears, (if that schedule does not come home with your child, you can obtain a copy in the lobby when you arrive).   
For Grades 6-8, you will simply follow the PowerSchool order of periods for your child's core academic classes.
See schedules here:
A few important reminders:
1.     Please park in a lined parking space.  When the campus spaces are full, please use New Canaan High School for additional parking.  You will need a flashlight on your way back at the end of the evening! 
2.     Please check the Saxe website to review the Saxe Student Learning Expectations in preparation for our evening(s)!
Open House is a wonderful opportunity to meet your child’s core academic teachers.  If you have concerns about particular policies or about your child specifically, please leave a note or call your child’s teacher to discuss these privately.   Of course, you can always contact your child's counselor or grade level administrator when the need arises.  We would rather know about your concern then to find out in the future that we missed an opportunity to respond!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Gr. 5 Parent Coffee

On Friday morning, Saxe hosted a Welcome Back Coffee specifically designed for 5th grade parents (scheduled a week in advance of the schoolwide welcome back coffee to take place Wednesday, September 20 at Waveny). Grade 5 administrator Dr. Steven Clapp and the NCPS curriculum coordinators provided formal presentations with Saxe PTC and Greg Macedo offering informal greetings.  Approximately, 90-100 5th grade parents attended.  The school appreciated the interest and support of the parents of our youngest and, for many families, their first Saxe middle schooler.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Saxe Appreciation of First Responders & Building Classroom Communities

  • Our morning announcement to students:
Today, Saxe Middle School extends appreciation to our local First Responders!
New Canaan Ambulance Corps
New Canaan Fire Department
and the 
New Canaan Police Department
They are truly role models of caring people, who communicate well and are committed to doing their very best!
Thank you for keeping our community protected and cared for!!!

  • and our message to teachers this morning...
As we build classroom communities:

Feel free to refer to this morning's announcements...

which raises the question?  who are the "first responders" in our classroom? halls? buses? recess?...what can each student commit to do, in order to keep others emotionally and physically safe, as well as, respond appropriately with care to others when harmed?

From September 9, 2017

Please visit our school site to view our main photo rotation and, just beneath, a slide show of artwork and written work voluntarily submitted by students at Saxe...
Our classroom and hallways also contain additional examples of student expression in honor of the living contributions and the memorialized sacrifices made on September 11...
As has been our practice, we will pause for a moment of silence on Monday morning during our daily announcements.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Appreciation of the Saxe PTC

I want to extend a formal appreciation for all the efforts that the Saxe PTC contributed to helping Saxe be the best school it can be!  Last year's PTC Executive Board (Jennifer Murphy, Katie Van Dussen, Natalie Kortman, Darcy Smith, Amy Bennett, Deanna Youngs, Caryn Kelly, Christine Moore, Kristin Barnard, Laurel Howe, Katie Owsley and Bean Matthews), worked tirelessly to add value to the school experience for each and every child.   Additionally, the board led a "volunteer army" of Saxe parents throughout the year which contributed to the success of every program last year.  Today, this year's PTC Executive Board will begin its sessions on behalf of all of our students and staff.  I'd like to welcome the new slate:
Katie Van Dussen
Susan Gelvin
Vice President Programs
Caryn Kelly
Jen Hladick

Vice President Communications
Darcy Smith

Assistant VP Communications & Secretary
Amy Fields

Vice President Ways & Means
Emily Hanlon
Marjorie Furman

Vice President Hospitality
Kristin Barnard
Kristin Reed

Stephanie Taylor

Assistant Treasurer
Ann McMahon

On behalf of the entire Saxe community, I would like to welcome the new board!  We are truly appreciative of the countless hours of volunteer parent leadership that the Saxe PTC contributes!

Learn more about the Saxe PTC:

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Opening of School Remarks to NC BOE

At Saxe Middle School...

Perseverance and Productivity seem to be the common themes from this past week as the transition to a new school year has successfully begun...

During the opening of school, we know that the simple tasks can typically feel stressful as all of our students are encountering a new hallways to navigate, new lockers to open, new teachers to meet, new schedules to keep, and a new mix of familiar and new peers in classrooms.  

Our students are gaining esteem as they are learning to transfer their previously mastered skills to their new environments and as they are shifting to become productive in both process and product as they move from summer activities to school activities...

a few factoids from 
​the first​
 week at Saxe...

as for new staff:  we have:

 additional teaching
​ coaching​
 position budgeted for 
​program improvement- our New Math Specialist Nicole Graham (promoted from within)

1 new teacher replacing Nicole:  Rachel Kiley-Grade 6 Math

​new teacher
​a teacher who relocated:  Ashley Walsh-Grade 7 Science

1 new teacher replacing Jonathan Adams who is serving in his expanded role as K-12 Health/PE Coord. - Mike Tiscia


3 new Special Education staff:
Speech and Language Therapist:  Anne Wronski
School Psychologist:   Samantha Gagliano
Learning Strategies:  Maria DeRobertis​

as for our student enrollment: 

Gr. 5  3
 new, 2
 left=  -1)
Gr. 6  3
 left = 

Gr. 7  3
 left = -
Gr. 8  3
 left = 

for a total of 13
​82 ​
new students , 6

last year our total school enrollment on Oct. 1 was 13

Our school wide focus areas continue to be Student Achievement via higher level thinking and Student Empowerment via student leadership teams and restorative practices.  Our first professional learning day last week w
 dedicated to each focus area.

​ yet,​
 in the end, it is our students that will always remind us of what really matters...

​Last Tuesday afternoon, on the "eve' of the first day of school, I encountered some rising 8th graders who were visiting the new addition to locate their new classrooms, etc.

​Interestingly, a group of girls seemed to be most concerned with the new girl's restroom and a couple of boys were most interested in the new "bouncy" seating in the student break-out area...

​"Appearances and Activity​"
​quickly came to mind as two of the variables that our middle school aged students are most driven by​...

​Once they realized that they were not "in trouble" for being there, the students shared that they were excited about being in the new wing and wanted to know why I didn't re-build the remainder of the school since some had siblings in lower grades...​

​So I reminded them that the new addition has given us the opportunity to "re-set" the rest of the school into properly-sized classrooms and that every student "touches" the new addition since the Art program Grades 5-8 is now housed there...

​Their next "realization" was that they were now "stuck" in the hallway with the school principal, who was going on and on about all of I wished them a Happy First Day Back to School Eve and sent them on their way...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Saxe student work challenge...


Regretfully, our September 11 remembrance (The 2001, 8th grader's handprints in the American flag) stationed by the Saxe Auditorium, was irreparably damaged during construction...

Therefore, it is fitting that we energize our school community to provide various expressions of our remembrance of the day:

Student Work Challenge:

"In an effort to educate young people about the events surrounding September 11 and to honor those who gave their lives for our safety and liberty, students will create written work and/or artwork that communicates the themes of heroism, patriotism, and sacrifice."

Written work can take any form/genre:  Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, etc.
and should be typed/printed for a wall display.

Posters: students may use pencil, marker, crayon, paint, or collage but all submissions must be in poster form (two-dimensional only). 


All student work must be submitted to a Saxe teacher by this Friday, September 8, so that we may display the contributions before Monday September 11

Teachers are invited to display any submission on their nearest bulletin board hallways, and/or, in classrooms...

We understand that this is "short notice" but we also know that with so much student talent in our school, we can garner enough student work to hang around the building so that by next Monday, September 11, we have paid a fitting tribute...